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iPass Corporate Access Service Overview
iPass Corporate Access provides tremendous remote access benefits compared to traditional in-house modem bank solutions and many unique advantages over Internet services based on a single network provider. With iPass, your organization gains low-cost, secure access to the Internet, email and corporate networks - with a local call - from all over the world.

Global Reach
  • "Access Anywhere" iPass provides local-call access to the Internet through the world's largest network, spanning more than 11,000 access points throughout 150 countries.
  • Reliable, Redundant Connectivity iPass delivers high-performance connectivity by using the best-of-the best networks, and by aggregating multiple networks, iPass offers multiple access points in major business centers.
  • Simple User Interface Worldwide The point-and-click interface of the iPass connection software, with its international phonebook, ensures easy, convenient connectivity worldwide.
Comprehensive Security
  • Secure Authentication iPass uses 128-bit key secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to secure user names and passwords during user authentication.
  • VPN Interoperability iPass is interoperable with all VPN, firewall, token card and security solutions, enabling you to choose the security products that best meet your company needs.
  • On-site Control iPassauthentication is handled by Netalliance and works with your existing authentication database to give you complete administrative control of authorized users and permissions.
Tremendous Cost Savings
  • 50 - 80% Savings The cost savings with iPass are tremendous save 50-80% compared to traditional in-house modem banks, long-distance and toll-free calls.
  • Simplified Administration The iPass solution can beinstalled in just a few minutes and significantly reduces the administrative and support costs associated with maintaining modem banks and complicated client software.
  • Pay As You Go With iPass you pay only for service used-- there are no minimum fees or fixed monthly charges for users who only occasionally require remote access. For companies that want predictability in their monthly remote access costs, fixed-rate plans are also available.
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