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Remote Access Market
The market for remote corporate network access is growing explosively, and along with it, the move to Internet-based remote access services and virtual private network (VPN) solutions. Below are helpful white papers and market research conducted by iPass and leading industry analyst firms.

White Papers
The Internet Solution for Remote Access: Selecting an Internet Service and VPN Technology
By Michael A. Goulde, Patricia Seybold Group

Corporate Remote Access Alternatives
By iPass Inc.

Market Research
The Remote Workforce is Growing Fast
Organizations continue rapid growth of remote workers. It is estimated that remote workforces will involve as much as one-third of each organization's employees by 2002.
Gartner Group, October 1998

Traditional Remote Access is Painful
In a study of US companies about remote access, iPass found that:
  • Current remote access solutions are still primarily modem banks
  • Remote access is a major source of pain for network managers and their users
  • The need for remote access is an average of 16-53 hours per month per user
  • Top buying criteria are security, quality of network, coverage
  • Fortune 500 companies have the same buying criteria, pain and problems as non-F500 Companies
iPass, October 1998

IT is Now Open to Internet-based Remote Access
Last summer, 64% of network planners at Fortune 1000 companies said they were not interested in Internet remote access. Now, 86% of managers at the Fortune 1000 said they were already outsourcing or would consider it. They primarily hope to save money and improve their ability to scale.
Forrester Research, August 1998

IT Managers Want Expanded Global Reach and Reduced Costs
For the vast majority of firms interviewed that are open to outsourcing remote access to the Internet, IT managers want expanded global reach and reduced costs versus their current setups, and they want these features without sacrificing quality, security and performance.
Forrester Research, August 1998

Security and Geographic Reach are Key Service Features
In a survey of US companies about VPNs, a reputation for security and geographic reach are important features for those choosing an Internet-based remote access solution. Respondents rated features on a scale of 1 7, where 1 is not important and 7 is critical. 64% of respondents rated security as a 6 or 7, nearly 60% of respondents rated US nationwide geographic reach as a 6 or 7, and nearly 40% rated geographic global reach as a 6 or 7.
Infonetics Research, April 1998

Interoperability is a Key Selection Criteria
When choosing an Internet service for VPN, 77% of the respondents in the survey said they seek compatibility with their existing equipment.
Infonetics Research, April 1998

What Customers Say About the iPass Corporate Access
In a recent study of iPass and non-iPass customers, iPass found that:
  • When customers select iPass over other outsourced solutions, the reasons are geographic coverage, billing, security and a knowledgeable team
  • Customers that purchased iPass Corporate Access had higher after-sale satisfaction than those that chose a competing service
  • In after-sale satisfaction, customers reported iPass' advantages to be maintenance, support, on-site administrative features and ease of installation/rollouts
iPass, October 1998

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