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global internet roaming

iPass Worldwide Access pricing is based on an introductory start-up package and then ongoing service usage charges. Corporate-wide access plans are also available for customers interested in deploying and managing their own RoamServer. Prices vary by the plan selected and service usage levels. We can provide specific quotes upon request.

Start-up Package
There is an initial fee for software installation and service start-up. The start-up charges depend upon the number of remote access users. The start-up package includes:
  • More than 11,000 POPs throughout 150 countries
  • iPassConnect for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and iPass Dial Wizard for Macintosh, the client software with an international phone book of access points
  • Ongoing phone book updates to provide users with the current listing of access points (these are automatically updated in the iPassConnect)
  • iPass client software user guides
  • Monthly detailed billing by user, including access locations and connect time
  • Customer support for IT managers/help desks (provided by Solution Partner)
Metered Usage
Usage is tracked and billed monthly. Metered pricing is based on hourly connect charges and varies by location and POP. Prices generally average $0.04 per minute (that's only $2.40 per hour!) in the domestic US, with somewhat higher rates (depending on country and POP) overseas. The iPass dialer software shows you the rates and services available at each POP for your convenience.

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