Virtual Private Networking allows you to securely utilize the public Internet for transmitting your sensitive corporate information.

virtual private networking

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to connect branch offices, telecommuting workers, field representatives and other users into one seamless network.

As opposed to traditional WAN solutions utilizing private leased lines or frame-relay networks, VPNs allow you to use the public Internet to carry your information securely and economically. VPNs can do this and still remain private by incorporating the latest advances in encryption technology:

  • Encryption scrambles data crossing the link;
  • Authentication of incoming information to assure that it has not been tampered with or corrupted, and comes from a legitimate source;
  • Access control verifying the identity of the person or network address requesting network entry.
The result is a secure 'tunnel' of information flow which utilizes the Internet but is not accessible to anyone outside your network. When an authorized user logs off, the tunnel between them and the network disappears.

Netalliance can deliver the power of VPN technology in two ways:

  1. We offer our SecureLAN managed service plan to our internet access customers;
  2. As an experienced and authorized reseller of Cisco and other product lines, we can put our real-world VPN experience to work to design and install an engineered solution for your organization's network.

Business today is constantly evolving and adapting. Offices are opened, moved, and closed. Staffing rises and falls, and flows to where resources are needed on projects. Any networking strategy you adopt must be able to grow and flex with your business. Unlike traditional WAN solutions, VPNs are very flexible:

  • Anyone in the field who needs access to your network can do so by making a local phone call to any Internet Service Provider (ISP) - a giant cost savings over maintaining a traditional remote dial-in network.
  • The Internet is international - in any country where you can access the Web, you can access your network.
  • Expansion is painless, requiring minimum administration and hardware/software.
  • Incremental cost to add users or branch offices is very low.
  • A VPN can be maintained in-house or purchased as a service from Netalliance - or a cost-effective combination of the two depending on what is right for your business.

Your network should facilitate business growth, not impede it. If you find yourself worrying about how your present system will handle change, your present system isn't meeting your needs.

On average, a VPN will pay for itself in under six months. According to a recent study in InternetWeek, the initial purchase price of VPN hardware and software to support 120 users averages between $3,000 and $10,000. That sum is gained back in overall network savings over traditional WANs in just three to four months.

At Netalliance, we offer industrial-strength VPN solutions from Cisco Systems and other leaders in wide-area networking technology and VPN solutions. Cisco Logo

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