Netalliance SecureLAN managed access service allows your mobile users and satellite locations to securely access systems and servers on your office LAN through the public Internet.

SecureLAN Managed Access Service

Through our years of experience with VPN technology, we realized that many organizations prefer that their service provider own and manage the VPN infrastructure. Netalliance is pleased to offer SecureLAN Managed Access services to our Internet access customers.

With SecureLAN, your mobile users and satellite locations can enjoy simple and secure access to your office LAN. Through the power of VPN technology, your remote users can have the same capabilities enjoyed by users at headquarters: They can access all of your systems and servers (as you decide to permit) through the global Internet without compromising security!

Our SecureLAN access solution is economical and flexible:

  • We manage the infrastructure -- you obtain the benefits
  • Support for MacOS, MacOS X, Microsoft Windows-98/NT4/ME/2000/XP, Linux, and Solaris environments
  • Low user-based pricing structure
  • Compatible with any access technology: 56k dial/ISDN/DSL/Frame-Relay/T1
  • Works with virtually any local ISP3

SecureLAN software is available via CDROM or from our web download page.

Our pricing structure is based on purchasing blocks of user accounts:

SecureLAN packages
Number of Users 1 2-5 6-15 16-30 31+
VPN Usage Included 2
Client Software Included - specify MacOS, Win-XX, Linux or Solaris
Self Installation 1 $99 $199 $399 $499
Monthly Fee 2 $25 $100 $200 $300 $300 + $10 per user over 30

1 - Self Installation: Single user customers: Netalliance will provide an installation CD-ROM disc with instructions. Telephone technical support for any issues arising during the installation will be available during normal business hours.
Multi-user customers: Netalliance will provide an installation CD-ROM disc with instructions for each user. Netalliance will train a designated customer resource in the installation process, and provide telephone technical support for that resource for any issues arising during the installation process during normal business hours.
On-site installation services are available at time/materials rates -- please call for more information.

2 - Client Internet Access not included: Monthly Fee is for Netalliance SecureLAN service only; Client Internet access connectivity and any associated expenses are the customer's responsibility.

3 - ISP Requirements: Service is compatible with any ISP that adheres to IKE/IPSec Internet standards. Netalliance cannot be held responsible for actions of other parties and for issues beyond our control.

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