MailScreen services from Netalliance protect your e-mail mailboxes from viruses and the daily deluge of junk e-mail.

MailScreen e-Mail Filtering Service

Simple, Web-based interface

MailScreen is so easy to use -- each user can manage their own preferences through our Web-based interface. They can select which categories of junk mail to filter, and how aggressively they want to filter each category. Suspicious messages are not bounced or deleted; instead, they are quarantined outside your network in the secure MailScreen system, for user review and disposition through the web interface. The administrator or user, based on your policy, can review messages for deletion or delivery, and rules can be tuned to increase accuracy.

Administrators do not need to install and continually update new software or hardware, endure lengthy integration cycles, or roll-out extensive user training. The MailScreen service integrates with and enhances your current technology, with an intuitive interface that your users will grasp immediately.

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Flexible Management

With the MailScreen Administration Console, administrators in your organization have complete control and visibility into how MailScreen services are delivered and used. The Admin Console lets you activate, suspend, deactive, monitor, and support e-mail application usage across your organization. Administration tasks can be applied to an individual or an organization. Authority to interact with services, or to provide help desk support can be delegated through your organization -- even to end users. Your policies decide whether users have direct access to the services, or whether an administrative staff manages services for users. The Admin Console is completely flexible in defining organizational structure: Applications can be delivered discretely to each user, or different groups can be created and managed in the aggregate.

The MailScreen Administration Console provides visibility into your e-mail traffic and application usage that can be invaluable. Total e-mail traffic, traffic on a per-user or -domain basis, amount of junk mail and viruses caught, who the senders are, which users are using which applications, and much more.

Unique Architecture

Active Protection
  • Real-time control over SMTP sessions to detect and diffuse attacks before they materialize
  • Junk e-mail blocking and virus detection before e-mail hits your network
Active Visibility
  • System alerts notify the admin team in real-time as conditions develop
  • Detailed traffic pattern, user activity, and resource utilization analysis reports available on-line
Active Reliability
  • Optional SMTP load balancing keeps servers running efficiently
  • E-mail spooling to minimize the impact of system outages

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