Netalliance offers Personal Internet Connectivity solutions for individuals who require access to the Internet.

personal internet access

Our Personal Internet Access packages include a full suite of the latest technology in telecommunications and software tools, and include:

  • On-site installation of software and modem
  • 1 personal email account
  • Unlimited access to the World Wide Web
Netalliance offers you several choices for connectivity, depending upon your needs and budget:
  1. Analog Dialup Access (9600bps-56,000bps)**
  2. Digital ISDN Access (64kbps-128kbps)
  3. Digital RADSL Access (256kbps - 1,024kbps)

Please contact us to discuss how we can get you connected to the Internet from your cellular phone.

** 56k access requires V.90 compatible modem; FCC regulations restrict the maximum transmission speed over the US public telephone network to 53kbps.

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