Netalliance would like to be your partner for designing and delivering Internet-enabled information systems. If you are comparing providers, consider these important questions before you make commitments.

how to select an internet service provider

Selecting the right Internet Access Provider often determines whether your Internet investment contributes positively to your organization. For your reference, we have put together a list of criteria that we suggest will help in distinguishing the differences between the wide variety of Service Providers and service offerings in today's marketplace.

Question: Information Technology Experience
How much knowledge and experience does the provider have in the field of Information Technology? Are they fresh out of college, or a telephone reseller who is now selling Internet Access?
Netalliance personnel have both breadth and depth of experience in the computer industry. Our founders have accumulated over 30 years of experience in designing, building, and delivering IT solutions in high-level Fortune 100 MIS positions.
Question: Vendor Authorizations
Is the provider factory trained in the installation and use of the equipment and software that they are suggesting?
Netalliance is authorized and trained on all of the equipment and software that we sell. No finger pointing at other vendors if any issues arise with the technology we provide. We strive to be your one-stop shop for successfully harnessing the power of the Internet.
Question: Strategic Vision
Is the provider forward thinking about how your organization is going to utilize the technology to achieve business goals?
Although getting connected to the Internet is an important first step, this is only the beginning of your journey. Questions about your organization's objectives, culture, and industry- or profession-specific needs must be considered. Addressing capacity for future growth, integrating web sites with business processes, and empowering your users with new and different communications media are what will differentiate Netalliance from many of the other providers in the marketplace. We are focusing on the future, and we have the experience and know-how to help you manage the technologies that will help you achieve your goals.
Question: Industry Knowledge
Is the provider knowledgeable about how the Internet can add value to your organization?
There are many companies that can give you Internet dial-tone. But, very few focus on specific Internet solutions that your organization can utilize to grow, and to enhance productivity and efficiency. Netalliance provides more than just a connection; we can help you match your objectives to the best available technologies.
Question: Industry Association Memberships
Is the provider a member of any of the Industry Associations?
Industry Associations provide an excellent forum for promoting technology. Industry Associations also push for standards and being a part of these associations also assures that the providers are knowledgeable about industry issues and how changes might affect your organization.
Question: Complete Solutions
Is your provider capable of integrating all of the pieces for you?
Many ISP's are only focus on delivering the Internet to the plug in the wall. Netalliance will work with you to tailor a complete solution from equipment and software, to telecommunications provisioning, to on-site installation and ongoing maintenance. We are your true ONE-STOP provider.
Question: Flexibility
Is your provider flexible enough to provide you with custom solutions?
Many companies that we work with have found that their needs do not fit into tidy 'packages' that many providers focus on. At Netalliance, we stress the importance of assessment and planning to ensure that solutions match your organization's needs and deliver up to expectations.
Question: Network Utilization
Is your provider oversubscribing their Internet access services?
Although it is almost impossible to guarantee bandwidth on a public network like the Internet, Netalliance takes a proactive approach to monitoring and capacity planning to deliver the most reliable services with the highest possible performance. We have invested heavily in network management tools so that our engineers know how our network is performing in real time, and can detect and correct trouble before it impacts a customer.
Question: Network Design
How close are they to the Internet backbone and do they offer redundancy?
Most Internet Providers are connected to other Internet providers (so- called 'Tier-3' providers) and have no method of correcting a problem upstream from them. As a 'Tier-2' provider, Netalliance is directly connected via multiply redundant links to the Internet backbone. Being as close to the backbone as possible helps deliver the highest possible performance, and redundant links yields the highest possible reliability.

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