Netalliance specializes in bringing you the best in Frame Relay Internet Connectivity specifically configured and installed for your organization. We handle everything from the equipment procurement, coordination with telecommunications carriers, to firewalls and bringing your network up live on the Internet.

frame-relay network internet access

Frame Relay is a data communications technology that provides for data connectivity between/among widely distributed end-user locations. With roots in the reliable X.25 protocols, it implements a fast-packet data service geared toward the expanding needs of businesses today.

This service provides the connectivity via logical channels or Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs), implemented over dedicated access facilities and shared high-performance switching platform. Frame Relay offers greater efficiency for multi-site interconnections, higher information throughput than X.25 and lower monthly service costs than point-to-point private lines. Frame Relay is particularly adept to handling distributed processing applications, such as client/server computing, where high availability and reliability are critical, as well as any-to-any communications such as those commonly found in peer-to-peer inter-LAN environments.

Why Frame-Relay?

  1. Unlimited, Unmetered Usage
  2. Dynamic routing and traffic congestion control delivers very high level of service and reliability
  3. Managed network with 24x7 monitoring and dispatch
  4. Dedicated Bandwidth (CIR)
  5. Delivers all of the benefits of high-speed digital private lines with the cost-effectiveness of shared network resources
  6. Well suited for bursty traffic, such as LAN-LAN interconnections
  7. Supports multiple PVCs per local access circuit, saving you money on equipment and lines

Perfect For
  1. Building a WAN: LAN-LAN interconnects
  2. Geographically distributed computing environments and client/server applications
  3. High volume file transfer - graphics, documents, files between groups
  4. Integrated voice/data networking between offices or plants
  5. Transaction-oriented applications: EDI
  6. Enterprise-wide Messaging - email

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