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web hosting

Service Level Storage Space Monthly
Setup Monthly Fee
Apache, Microsoft IIS or 4D WebSTAR
1 GB 5 GB
$2 / MB
$991 $99
Apache, Microsoft IIS, 4D WebSTAR, OSU
1 GB 1 GB
$3 / MB
$991 $69
Apache, Microsoft IIS, 4D Webstar, OSU
50 MB 100 MB
$4 / MB
$491 $25

1 - Setup includes Domain Name registration and the creation of one user id on the web server for FTP access. You will be directly responsible for the annual domain name registration fees imposed by domain registrar.

web hosting features guide

Site Management & Setup Advanced Intermediate Basic
FTP Administration Account Yes Yes Yes
Frontpage Administration Option Option No
Development Tool (GoLive, Dreamweaver, PageMill, etc.) Compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous FTP Server
- Included in Monthly Bandwidth
Option Option No

Security & Encryption Advanced Intermediate Basic
Access by ID's & Passwords Yes Yes No
Secure Socket Layer Support Option1 Option No
Public Key Certificates Option1 Option No

1 - You will be directly responsible for the registration and any maintenance fees imposed by the Certification Authority (CA).

Usage Reporting Advanced Intermediate Basic
Standard Report - via web Yes Yes Yes

Search & Index Capabilities Advanced Intermediate Basic
Search Engine & Web
Site Index/Table of Contents
Option Option No
Keyword Search Index Option Option No

CGI/Back-end Support Advanced Intermediate Basic
Email Request for Information
Using Standard Template
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes No
Active Server Pages (ASP) Yes Yes No
Yes Yes No
MS .NET Framework Yes Yes No
MS-Access Database
Yes Yes No
FileMaker Database
Yes Yes No
SQL Database
Option Option No


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